gluten free and vegan spimach and zucchini quiche

Vegan Spinach Quiche (Glutenfree)

This vegan & glutenfree spinach quiche will have you asking for more! Succulent, creamy and also yet crunchy, you wouldn’t know that neither eggs nor cream were needed to make it. Vegan Quiche? A tasty vegan quiche! Is that really possible? Yes it is! Enjoy the magic of chickpea flour, vegetable stock, oat milk, tahini … Read More

Bieler's Broth: Liver Cleansing soup in a white mug

Bieler’s Broth: Liver Cleansing & Kidney Calming

What is Bieler’s Broth? Today I like to share an incredibly healing and very easily digestable soup recipe with you called ‘Bieler’s Broth’. This very nourishing and healing ‘Bieler’s broth’ is superb for cleansing the liver whilst also being very soothing for the kidneys. First of all it’s name comes from a doctor named Bieler … Read More

fresh vegetable lentil soup with plenty of lentils and greens in a white ceramic bowl

Granny’s Hearty Lentil Soup (Vegan Style)

Why Lentil Soup? This very hearty lentil soup is straight out of my granny’s recipe book. It’s vegan, it’s tasty, it’s healthy! From an ayurvedic perspective, legumes are essential for a healthy lifestyle and diet. Rich in protein, complex carbs and nutrients, they are a staple in any ayurvedic diet. Lentils can be included in many … Read More

turmeric apple and banana porridge

Simple Apple & Banana Turmeric Porridge

Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast This simple apple and banana porridge infused with turmeric provides a super healthy and anti-inflammatory breakfast to kick-start your day. Why Turmeric? TURMERIC is a POWERHOUSE, a plant with amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet today to help us humans shield from inflammation, … Read More

Beetroot Borscht

Vegan Borscht: Anti-Inflammatory & Liver Protecting

Vegan Borscht This modern, vegan version of a traditional classic borscht is super flavourful, warming and brimming with anti-inflammatory properties. What is Borscht? Borscht! Borscht! Borscht! What’s not to like about this so very flavourful, earthy and deeply fullfilling spectactle of a soup? Traditionally made with beetroot, potatoes and some form of beef stock, borscht is … Read More

Nourishing Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Nourishing Vegetable & Lentil Soup

This nourishing vegetable and lentil soup is the perfect winter-warmer: I usually make it at least once a week and it eat it for days (reheated tastes even better). This perfect winter-warmer is a winner for every dosha, simply follow the dosha adjustments below. This soup is fully packed with proteins. It’s giving you an … Read More

This Sri Lankan Kola Kanda Bowl herbal porridge

Sri Lankan Kola Kanda Bowl – Green Godess

What is Kola Kanda? This Sri Lankan Kola Kanda Bowl is a traditional Sri Lankan herbal porridge hailed for its nutritious and medicinal powers. Kola Kanda (from the leaf Gotu Kola ‘Kanda’), is a traditional Sri Lankan herbal porridge, hailed for its nutritious and medicinal powers. Gotu Kola, also known as the ‘herb of longevity’ … Read More

sweet mung daal porridge

Sweet Mung Daal Porridge

This vitalising and cleansing sweet mung daal porridge will have you longing for more! Mung beans’ astringent nature literally scrapes your bowels clean. They draw out toxins from your digestive tract, clear up excess mucus and combat dampness in your body. This sweet little number offers a great alternative to standard breakfasts such as oat … Read More

cooling green soup

Cooling Green Soup

In need of a detox? Feeling too hot? Is your skin playing up? On a cleanse? Or simply on the look-out for a nice nourishing lunch full of greeny goodness? Then you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to mix up the greens in this soup and add in more greens that you like … Read More

Mung Bean Soup

Healing Mung Bean Soup

Feeling Lethargic? Bloated? Tired? Not quite yourself? Is your digestion playing up? Do you have a thick white coating on your tongue? Then it might be time for a mung bean soup cleanse! This amazing astringent bean has been favoured in indian and asian cuisine for centuries for its medicinal properties. Mung beans have amazing … Read More

Liver Cleansing Cabbage & Celery Soup

Liver cleansing, gut healing, immune boosting and anti-bacterial! What’s not to like! Get stuck into this marvellous yummy soup. Eat it anytime of the year when you feel you want to eat something nourishing that also gives your body that extra ‘oompf’ to cleanse and heal. Weekly Recipe Liver Cleansing Cabbage & Celery Soup

Gut Healing Turmeric & Mushroom Curry Soup

Get stuck into a bowl of bubbling, warming, yellow-goodness and enjoy the healing powers of turmeric, ginger and shitake mushrooms. This healthy but yet tasty yummy broth will help your body fight bacteria and inflammation, boost your immune system, and to keep those pesky bugs at bay (always good in a corona crisis!). Weekly Recipe … Read More

Healing & Nourishing Asian Style Broth

This is my go-to soup recipee when I simply need something warming, nourishing, and simply healing:when you had a stressfull day, when you are feeling run down or when your boss has just simply driven you up the wall:This broth will pick you up, give you a hug and will fill you with a warm … Read More