My Recipe Book

The heart and soul of this blog are my recipes.
Influenced by traditional asian and ayurvedic cooking, but also contemporary cuisine,
I incorporate nourishing herbs and warming spices into my diet, to soothe the body, mind and soul.


My recipes are allergy friendly and very good for people with sensitve body types and delicate digestive systems.

Many people experience digestive issues and sensitive bellies these days. So did I, and sometimes still do, when I forget to tune in, don’t listen to myself, or eat foods that are actually not suited for my senstive body type.

If you have many digestive issues going on (despite eting a healthy and balanced diet), and you don’t understand anymore what foods actually ‘set you off’ and which ones don’t, then my guidelines and recipes might just be able to help you.

My recipes will always be cooked and never be raw.

This is not to say that I never enjoy eating a fresh apple or enjoy the odd salad on a warm summer’s day. However contrary to popular belief and diet trends, a raw diet isn’t aways suited to everyone and every life-style or body type.

If you know about Ayurveda, you know that raw foods are generally not favoured, and if at all, are only really well tolerated by Pitta dominant types; as the light, cold, rough and dry qualities of raw foods are ok to digest for the naturally strong digestion of Pitta (in opposition to Vata or Kapha dominant types). You can read a short summary of Ayurveda and what your body type might be here.

And even if you don’t know or care about Ayurveda, if you have digestive issues or food allergies of any kind, cooking your foods can help you balance and bring back your digestive fire, kill of pathogens and keep away that dreaded bloat!

I am also not a fan of sticking or adhering to rigid diet doctrines.

I believe that we should eat what feels right in every given moment and thus I am open to all kinds of foods, vegetables and fruits.

However there’s a few things that I simply do not include in my diet, because personal experience and my own path to healing has shown me that I feel much better without them. Furthermore, years of studying nutrition, naturopathy and research backs up my findings that in times of pollutants, toxins and GMO in our food-chains, certain food groups and additives should simply be avoided in order to maintain health, avoid allergies and to prevent degenerative disease.

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My name is Sarah Jay and I love herbs and healthy foods that support and heal delicate bellys and sensitive body types. I am trained in Ayurveda and use ayurvedic principles in my coaching practice, combined with naturopathy and a very intuitive mind-body practice. Health doesn’t just come from what you eat, but it stems from a deeper understanding of knowing yourself, understanding yourself and being in tune with yourself.

Foods to be avoided


  • Gluten

  • Soya

  • Corn

  • Canola Oil (also called Rapeseed oil)

  • Dairy

  • Processed Sugar

  • Pork

  • All natural and artificial flavourings and MSG

  • Citric Acid in all its forms as a food additive

  • Eggs

This Sri Lankan Kola Kanda Bowl herbal porridge

In summary my recipes are:

heart-warming in nature, healing for sensitive bellies, full of flavour to uplift your senses & with the added benefits of nourishing herbs to heal, calm your spirit and nurture your soul.