Hi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Sarah Jay and I love herbs and healthy foods that support and heal delicate bellys and sensitive body types. I am trained in Ayurveda and use ayurvedic principles in my coaching practice, combined with naturopathy and a very intuitive mind-body practice. Health doesn’t just come from what you eat, but it stems from a deeper understanding of knowing yourself, understanding yourself and being in tune with yourself.

Welcome to Sarah Jay Healing

Hello, my name is Sarah Jay. Thank you for visiting my page.

Born in Germany, I moved to the UK at the age of 19, to study and to experience something new. Having always had a very strong interest in diet & nutrition, I went on to work for an ayurvedic herbal tea company, where, after some years of doing marketing and sales, I started giving talks and trainings about ayurvedic herbs.

Having always had a very sensitive body type myself, I’ve always been prone to food allergies, digestive issues and many other bodyily ‘aches’ and ‘pains’ and was therefor always on the look out for new ways to heal my body. This journey took me from superfoods, to health foods, to herbs and trying out all sorts of different diet types and health trends. Studying nutrition and naturopathy set me on a path to understanding my body better, but it wasn’t really until I discovered Ayurveda when things really clicked into place. Ayurveda’s gentle but objective approach to body types and how we take in the different energies of the various foods available, really was a milestone in healing my body from chronic illness and all sorts of bodily discomforts.

Furthermore, during my journey I had to learn that not only the foods that we eat can make a difference to the way we feel, but that our emotions and thoughts also play a very important role and large part in our well-being. I discovered meditation and the power in letting go into the moment.

So more and more I came to realise that when I am in tune with myself, when I listen to my intuition and when I am not stressed, I can digest foods much better. Even foods that sometimes could pose a problem for me. Tuning in before every meal to discern what suits today, asking myself what my body actually needs (and not what my ego wants), and really listening to that inner voice, was the key to letting go of most of my digestive issues.

My healing practice therefor invites you to slow down, to listen to your body and your needs, and to live a life in tune with your own nature. At the end of the day, you know best what foods work for you and which ones don’t. Take the time to determine your own truth. I am here to guide you gently on that path, give you nourishing recipes and advice on herbs and spices that are allergy friendly and that you can adjust to your tastes. No one size fits all! Gently try out what works for you. For further info on my approach to diet & and recipes click here.

Start your journey on a more slow, laid-back path.
A path in tune with your own nature, a life as a reaction as to what comes in, evaluating, observing, then deciding, …, what is needed, what is right, what is wrong. A life following your intuition, your true inner voice, rather than the loud and all pervading noise from the outside. A life that invites you to stop, to question, and to truely ask yourself: what is it that I really need, right here, right now.