ginger and apple puree in glass jars displayed with apples

Apple & Ginger Puree – Adrenal Healing Snack

Lovely Apple Puree with a Sweet Kick Do you like apple puree but thought it could do with a bit of a re-vamp? Then here it is! This apple puree comes with a special warming ginger kick plus deliciously added sweetness from some succulent dried medjool dates. A super healthy go-to-snack when you need that little … Read More

turmeric apple and banana porridge

Simple Apple & Banana Turmeric Porridge

Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast This simple apple and banana porridge infused with turmeric provides a super healthy and anti-inflammatory breakfast to kick-start your day. Why Turmeric? TURMERIC is a POWERHOUSE, a plant with amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet today to help us humans shield from inflammation, … Read More

Bombtastically Sweet Yet Healthy Smoothie Goodness green smoothie in a clear glass jar with straw held by a beautiful girl in a summer dress

Bombtastically Sweet Yet Healthy Smoothie Goodness

This green smoothie will land in your mouth like a bomb and you will be so pleased it did! It tastes so good you’ll wonder what’s the catch. Well, let me tell you there ain’t one. Just happy cleansing veggies, sweet fruity energy for your liver and absolutely no nasties! Turn it up, get stuck … Read More

Stewed apples and pears with star anise cinnamon and syrup

Stewed Apples & Pears With Star Anise & Cinnamon

These simple stewed apples and pears are a nice alternative to a grainy breakfast that is easy to make and wipped up in minutes. Simple but good is what this breakfast provides. It’s a nice alternative to a breakfast full of grains, and even though it’s only fruits, I feel this breakfast always fills me … Read More

This Sri Lankan Kola Kanda Bowl herbal porridge

Sri Lankan Kola Kanda Bowl – Green Godess

What is Kola Kanda? This Sri Lankan Kola Kanda Bowl is a traditional Sri Lankan herbal porridge hailed for its nutritious and medicinal powers. Kola Kanda (from the leaf Gotu Kola ‘Kanda’), is a traditional Sri Lankan herbal porridge, hailed for its nutritious and medicinal powers. Gotu Kola, also known as the ‘herb of longevity’ … Read More

sweet mung daal porridge

Sweet Mung Daal Porridge

This vitalising and cleansing sweet mung daal porridge will have you longing for more! Mung beans’ astringent nature literally scrapes your bowels clean. They draw out toxins from your digestive tract, clear up excess mucus and combat dampness in your body. This sweet little number offers a great alternative to standard breakfasts such as oat … Read More

amaranth porrdige with pears and dried fruits

Amaranth Porridge With Pears and Dried Fruits

Amaranth porridge is a great alternative to oats or millet and can be a great substitue for those who can’t digest traditional grains or other psyeudo grains very well. Amaranth is great for Kapha and Pitta types. Vata’s should try it out and mix with extra oil and sweet tastes to combat the very astringent … Read More

warm amaranth breakfast bowl with apples and raisins

Warming Amaranth Bowl With Apples & Raisins

If oats, millet and Co. are not for you, or you simply want a bit of a change to your morning breakfast routine, try out some amaranth porridge for breakfast. It’s light and dry nature makes it an ideal grain for the Kapha dosha.Amaranth ‘s astringent taste helps to dry up excess dampness and mucus … Read More

Yummy Breakfast Compote

This delicate bowl of stewed fruits, seeds and warming spices is very deceptive in its actual breakfast prowess. Can just stewed fruits and seeds fill you up enough for the morning? YES. THEY CAN.An absolute great addition to your breakfast repertoire, this bowl of yummy goodness won’t disappoint. Brimming with vitamins and minerals, high in … Read More

Cucumber kale quinoa breakfast bowl

Cucumber & Kale Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

This flavoursome dish is full of greeny goodness and is a nice alternative to a traditionally sweet breakfasts. It’s particularly great for Pitta’s as the greens in this bowl are very cooling and calming for hot natured Pitta’s. Plus quinoa is very alkalising and pacifies all the three doshas, winner! Feeling Vata: Ensure you steam … Read More

carrot cake smoothie bowl

Warm Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl

This delicious grain-free smoothie bowl is super nourishing, especially on a cold winter’s day. If fruits and smoothies are not your thing and you also don’t like ‘Porridge & Co’., try this bowl as a very healthy breakfast alternative. It’s also great for people who experience food allergies and sensitive bellies from grains and pseudo-grains, … Read More

Amaranth breakfast bowl

Simple But Satisfying Amaranth Breakfast Bowl

This super simple recipe doesn’t require much effort, apart from the 20 minute cooking time which is slightly reduced if you soak the amaranth overnight. Amaranth is a pseudograin and glutenfree. Experiment by topping your fluffy Amaranth with stewed or cooked fruit such a blueberries, apples and pears. Feeling Vata: Amaranth can aggravate Vata’s so … Read More


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