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ginger and apple puree in glass jars displayed with apples

Apple & Ginger Puree – Adrenal Healing Snack

Lovely Apple Puree with a Sweet Kick Do you like apple puree but thought it could do with a bit of a re-vamp? Then here it is! This apple puree comes with a special warming ginger kick plus deliciously added sweetness from some succulent dried medjool dates. A super healthy go-to-snack when you need that little … Read More

Herby Fat-free white sauce

Herby White Sauce

This deliciously creamy white sauce is a total winner when you need something to top of your garden-veg, as a great alternative to mayonnaise, and simply a nice dip without any of the guilt. If on a cleanse, simply skip the olive-oil and make this a virtually fat-free dressing. Either or, this sauce will leave … Read More

Tomato date sauce

Gooey Tomato And Date Sauce

This creamy delicious tomato sauce has all the freshness of tomatoes and the added depth and flavour of sweet succulent dates. Great as a topping for a summer’s buddha bowl, on veggies when you’re doing a cleanse, or as a healthy ketchup alternative on home-made potatoe fries. Get stuck in!

fat free orange dressing

Orange Vinaigrette Dressing

This lush orange vinaigrette dressing is perfect for a summer’s day when you want that zingy, fresh feeling on your vegetables, without any heaviness of any oils. Perfect for cleansing or detoxing. Feeling Vata: you do best without the wasabi and the cayenne but can crank up the lemon juice and the maple syrup. Feeling … Read More

Mango Chtuney

Easy Home-Made Mango Chutney

This wonderfully well-spiced mango chutney will have you gagging for more! Use less spice and chillies if you’re feeling overly Pitta, and turn it more into a sweet mango chutney without the hotness. Plus this chutney is virtually fat-free, so goes well with any detox or cleanse diet, and can be thus enjoyed without the … Read More

Onion dressing

Creamy Fat-Free Onion Dressing

This delicious onion dressing is completly fat free, perfect for those days where you want to go easy on the oils if you’re having a cleanse, a detox, or simply when you want to go a little less heavy but still have all the taste. Use it on budhha bowls, salads, to dip home-made sweet potato fries, and so forth.


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