My Recipes


The heart and soul of this blog are my recipes. Influenced by traditional asian and ayurvedic cooking,
but also contemporary cuisine, I incorporate nourishing herbs and warming spices into my diet,
to soothe the body, mind and soul.

My latest Blog

Zinc – Essential Supplement for Immunity

Discover the superpower of zinc and zinc supplements for enhanced well-being, better immunity, healthier skin & nails, improved hair growth and better moods! This overlooked essential mineral works tirelessly to shield your body against infections by giving a...

My name is Sarah Jay and I love herbs and healthy foods that support and heal delicate bellys and sensitive body types. I am trained in Ayurveda and use ayurvedic principles in my coaching practice, combined with naturopathy and a very intuitive mind-body practice. Health doesn’t just come from what you eat, but it stems from a deeper understanding of knowing yourself, understanding yourself and being in tune with yourself.