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The heart and soul of this blog are my recipes. Influenced by traditional asian and ayurvedic cooking,
but also contemporary cuisine, I incorporate nourishing herbs and warming spices into my diet,
to soothe the body, mind and soul.

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gluten free and vegan spimach and zucchini quiche

Vegan Spinach Quiche (Glutenfree)

This vegan & glutenfree spinach quiche will have you asking for more! Succulent, creamy and also yet crunchy, you wouldn’t know that neither eggs nor cream were needed to make it. Vegan Quiche? A tasty vegan quiche! Is that really possible? Yes it is! Enjoy the magic of chickpea flour, vegetable stock, oat milk, tahini … Read More

Bieler's Broth: Liver Cleansing soup in a white mug

Bieler’s Broth: Liver Cleansing & Kidney Calming

What is Bieler’s Broth? Today I like to share an incredibly healing and very easily digestable soup recipe with you called ‘Bieler’s Broth’. This very nourishing and healing ‘Bieler’s broth’ is superb for cleansing the liver whilst also being very soothing for the kidneys. First of all it’s name comes from a doctor named Bieler … Read More

fresh vegetable lentil soup with plenty of lentils and greens in a white ceramic bowl

Granny’s Hearty Lentil Soup (Vegan Style)

Why Lentil Soup? This very hearty lentil soup is straight out of my granny’s recipe book. It’s vegan, it’s tasty, it’s healthy! From an ayurvedic perspective, legumes are essential for a healthy lifestyle and diet. Rich in protein, complex carbs and nutrients, they are a staple in any ayurvedic diet. Lentils can be included in many … Read More

ginger and apple puree in glass jars displayed with apples

Apple & Ginger Puree – Adrenal Healing Snack

Lovely Apple Puree with a Sweet Kick Do you like apple puree but thought it could do with a bit of a re-vamp? Then here it is! This apple puree comes with a special warming ginger kick plus deliciously added sweetness from some succulent dried medjool dates. A super healthy go-to-snack when you need that little … Read More

turmeric apple and banana porridge

Simple Apple & Banana Turmeric Porridge

Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast This simple apple and banana porridge infused with turmeric provides a super healthy and anti-inflammatory breakfast to kick-start your day. Why Turmeric? TURMERIC is a POWERHOUSE, a plant with amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet today to help us humans shield from inflammation, … Read More

Beetroot Borscht

Vegan Borscht: Anti-Inflammatory & Liver Protecting

Vegan Borscht This modern, vegan version of a traditional classic borscht is super flavourful, warming and brimming with anti-inflammatory properties. What is Borscht? Borscht! Borscht! Borscht! What’s not to like about this so very flavourful, earthy and deeply fullfilling spectactle of a soup? Traditionally made with beetroot, potatoes and some form of beef stock, borscht is … Read More


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